Reasons to Modify Child Support in Maryland

Although child support arrangements are binding once handed down, there are life circumstances that might impact your ability to pay child support. For this reason, you should consider modifying child support agreements when there have been significant changes in your life situation. If you are thinking about modifying your existing agreement, work with a Maryland family lawyer to ensure you gather the right evidence to support your claim for changing circumstances. 

What to Know About Changing Child Support in Baltimore 

The most common reason to modify a child support agreement is a significant financial change in the situation of the paying parent. This might be caused by something like a serious and ongoing medical event that means the parent cannot work or loses their job. Usually, a change of at least 25% in income warrants consideration of an altered child support agreement but talk to your MD family lawyer if you have questions about your financial concerns. 

You cannot alter a child support agreement simply because you’re unhappy with the amount you must pay. Even if you’ve explained your financial situation to the other parent and come to a verbal agreement, this does not free you from your obligation to meet the child support payments as currently ordered by the court. Instead, you should work with a MD family lawyer to bring evidence to the court about your finances. 

Changing Your Child Support with a Baltimore Divorce Lawyer’s Help 

If you have recently lost your job or are dealing with another money-related crisis, you may be able to change your child support payments. If possible, do not fall behind on your existing payments, because arrears can add up and it may be difficult to recover. Instead, set up a meeting with an attorney immediately to discuss your questions. Similarly, if there is a change in the physical custody arrangements and a parent has more time with the children than the court ordered, that parent can request a decrease in child support. 

The parent receiving child support can also request a modification in the existing order. If the child has additional needs as they get older, an increase in child support may be appropriate in the eyes of the court.

Hire a Baltimore Divorce Lawyer for Child Support Modifications

No matter what questions you have about changing a child support order, it’s best to work with an experienced lawyer to talk through your concerns and next steps. The right lawyer will help you understand when it makes sense to bring evidence to the court to request a new payment amount for your Maryland child support. Contact my office to get answers to your child support questions.


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