Allyson Goldscher

Skilled Legal Care from an Experienced Baltimore Divorce Lawyer

Allyson Goldscher

Skilled Legal Care from an Experienced Baltimore Divorce Lawyer

Practice Areas Include:

Child Custody

Child Support

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A dedicated family law practice serving Baltimore City and Baltimore County

The Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC delivers high-quality legal service when you need help with issues of family law. Our practice is focused solely on family law areas such as divorce, child custody, spousal and child support, and mediation.

Few legal matters will ever be as emotionally charged as divorce and custody, which is why a successful family lawyer must combine knowledge, compassion, and tenacity. Allyson embodies each of these traits and more. A fierce and loyal advocate for her clients, she has a deep understanding of all facets of family law.

Allyson was named by Super Lawyers’ as a Maryland Rising Star in family law for nine years in a row. Whether you are considering divorce or are already underway, our law firm delivers strong legal service and compassionate client care to help you make the best choices for your future.

Understanding You, Your Family, and Your Family Law Needs in Baltimore, Maryland

Because our law firm is focused on family law, we provide the depth of experience and legal talent that you need whatever the circumstances of your divorce, or the nature of your family law issue. Our legal experience will aid you in situations including:


When contemplating a divorce, avoid the temptation to proceed alone.  Even the most amicable divorces can benefit from experienced counsel. When a divorce is acrimonious, the need for representation becomes even greater. We are here to provide legal guidance to help you through one of the most difficult times.   We understand and recognize the importance of working together to educate you on your options, to understand your goals, and to create a path that will meet your family’s needs.

Division of Marital Property:  Maryland Courts require an equitable division of marital property. Property that is acquired during the term of the marriage is considered marital property, regardless of how it is titled, with four (4) exceptions: (1) acquired prior to the marriage; (2) excluded by valid agreement such as a pre-nuptial agreement; (3) gift/inheritance; or (4) directly traceable to these sources.

All issues arising out of the marriage must be resolved at the time of divorce.  This includes a determination and division of marital property, from the family home, to the family dog, from bank accounts to retirement accounts. You may each have a car, and you may own a separate home, or other valuables. There may be investment or retirement accounts into which you have contributed for years.  Therefore, at the outset of divorce, it is important to obtain copies of bank and financial statements, tax returns, credit card bills, and other documents that detail your marital estate. During this time you will also discuss child-related issues concerning legal decision-making authority, parenting schedules and child support.  This can sometimes be a frustrating or even bitter process, which is why it is important to have an experienced advocate, who can guide you through from start to finish. It will allow you and your children to move forward despite a changed family experience. 

Child Custody

Allyson is dedicated to resolving child custody disputes in a way that supports the best interests of each and every child. Child custody disagreements and child custody battles can waylay a separation and cause significant harm to a growing child who may be caught in the middle.

In Maryland, there are two types of child custody—legal and physical. Legal custody is the opportunity to make important decisions on behalf of your child including their education, spiritual upbringing, and medical care. Physical custody is the privilege of providing a residence for your child and caring for their physical needs.

The parenting plan is an important written agreement required of all divorcing parents with minor children. A parenting plan is required by Maryland courts when a parent or caregiver seeks custody or to modify custody of a minor child. The plan provides an agreed-upon structure that parents and their children can rely upon. Among other things, it dictates where children will reside and who has authority to make decisions on their behalf. Parents have the opportunity to create their own agreements about where and how their children grow up. When parents cannot agree upon a parenting plan, a joint statement must be submitted to the court. The decision about who will raise a child, and how they will be raised, then becomes the responsibility of the court.

As a skilled attorney dedicated to protecting the rights of children, Allyson delivers untiring support to parents and families struggling to move through divorce via litigation. Our law firm offers strong, unsurpassed legal representation to aid parents with difficult decisions involving divorce and child custody.


Child support: Maryland expects both parents to provide for the wellbeing of their children through financial support. During divorce, you will be asked to provide documents and information concerning your income and expenses. Both parents are required to provide financial statements and attest to their accuracy.

Spousal support: Spousal support or alimony can be awarded to either spouse and is generally looked at as an opportunity for one partner to obtain education or skills that will assist him/her to build a healthy economic future. Spousal support may be granted for a specific duration or term or indefinitely. If spousal support is not agreed upon, the court takes a close look at various factors along with financial documents in order to make a decision on as to whether alimony is appropriate.

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation, collaborative law and alternative dispute resolutions are ways to counteract some of the destructive elements of the separation process. With a Mutual Consent Divorce, clients with or without children can now obtain a divorce on the basis of agreements made and presented to the court, such as a Marital Settlement Agreement.

As a certified custody and access mediator in Baltimore, Allyson also helps parties arrive at agreements that resolve hot issues. Then a couple and their family to move forward with the best possible options for the future of each family member. There are clear advantages to the mediation process. It keeps cost and conflict down, it saves time, and prevents frustration that can arise through a protracted legal process. Allyson can support you through the mediation process, collaborative divorce, and parenting consideration.

Highly regarded legal service for family law issues in Baltimore

Along with the divorce and custody process, there are other areas of law with which clients and their families will benefit from Allyson’s experience and legal guidance. The Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC also offers representation in the following areas:

Make the right legal choice for you and your family in Maryland

Adapting to a changing life can tap your emotional and physical energy. Experienced and ethical legal counsel helps you understand in simple terms how the law applies to you, your children, and your unique family circumstances.

Because your choice of divorce attorney has an impact on the next chapter of your life, it is crucial that you are comfortable with your attorney, and have confidence in the legal services you may need as your divorce progresses.

Allyson Goldscher is a tenacious, experienced family law attorney. A Baltimore native and leader in the community, Allyson has established a law practice known for its integrity, dedication, and straightforward representation in support of people going through what can be some of the challenging moments of their life.

When considering divorce or other family law matter, it is important to think about your future and the future of your family. Call our law firm. We can help.

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