Baltimore Divorce Lawyers Discuss Signs That Your Spouse May Want a Divorce

It can be easy to miss the signs that show that a divorce is imminent. They may be signs that your spouse is intentionally projecting. They could be unconscious signs. In fact, it’s very possible that you are showing the signs of wanting a divorce without consciously realizing it. Nevertheless, it is important to identify and decide when exactly you want a divorce. It is important to be determined and clear in your intentions, and to understand what exactly you need and when. The following are important and easy-to-miss signs that frequently precede a divorce.

Increased Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of marriage – but often it can signal more fundamental concerns. Often, conflicts increase in intensity and frequency as a marriage begins to move toward divorce. It is more common for partners to call out one another for seemingly minor slights. A belittling attitude is not uncommon, with a partner’s flaws becoming more noticeable as the feelings dwindle. The loss of emotional connection also leads to a loss of a filter, as partners become more quick to criticize each other for otherwise unimportant issues.

A common sign of this is when partners begin to blame each other for otherwise unrelated problems. Many times, these unrelated problems do arise, in some way, from dissatisfaction in a marriage. For that reason, a dissatisfied spouse may unload all of their problems onto their partner. A general short temper is a sign that can all-too-often be missed. What may simply seem like a partner’s “bad mood” may truly be a sign of something more serious.

Lack of Communication

Conflict can be a clear sign of the breakdown of a marriage, but a lack of communication can be even more of a signal. While some partners may become angrier at each other, emotional coldness is another frequent response. Spouses that are growing apart tend to ignore or become dismissive of each other’s problems for various reasons. They may show a lack of emotional investment in their partner’s feelings if they feel they are growing apart.

One way this frequently manifests is by simple lack of contact. If a partner suddenly immerses themselves more in their work, they may be using it as an escape from their unhappy relationship. They may make excuses not to come home from work or other outings. Additionally, if you find that your spouse is spending a significant amount of their social time away from you, or is outright going out alone, it is a very possible sign of discontent in the relationship.

Baltimore Divorce Lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC Help Through the Process of Divorce

If you or someone you know is seeing or giving off the above signs, then it may be time to begin the divorce process. The dedicated Baltimore divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher are prepared to help you. We represent clients from throughout Baltimore County, including Baltimore and Stevenson. Call our Stevenson, Maryland offices at 410-602-9522 or contact us online to speak with a Towson divorce lawyer.

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