Baltimore Child Custody Lawyers: Summer Vacations for Parents in Two States

When only one parent lives in Maryland, a co-parenting plan can become complicated quickly. However, when summer comes along, that co-parenting plan can become a real struggle if your family is not prepared ahead of time. Rather than discussing the details as they arise, there are some preparations your family can make today.

  1. Create a Co-Parenting Plan

If you do not already have a plan or agreement set up, there is no time like the present to begin. This type of plan is helpful in general for parents who are not located in the same state. Decisions for things such as how long the child will stay with the non-physical custodian for visitation; how involved the parent in a different state will be in everyday events such as school-related games or performances; and other aspects that could cause issue or resentment between parents can be ironed out in a well-thought out parenting agreement. Logistical issues, such as which holidays will be spent at which location, are also more easily handled via an effectgive parenting plan that was drafted with the help of a mediator or parent coach.

  1. Take the Kids’ Opinions Seriously

It is easy to dismiss the opinions of your children as naïve, but taking their opinions and input into consideration while creating a co-parenting plan or planning summer trips can be an easy way the gauge how parents should proceed. If a child complains about not seeing one parent enough, it should be taken into serious consideration. The child’s wants for how they will spend their summer should also be weighed in. Forcing a child to see their other parent less, or taking them away from their home town for an extended period of time when they do not want to leave, can lead to resentment. While children typically should not get have control over the plans, considering their opinion can go a long way for the family in general.

  1. Keep Everyone Informed

The sooner both parents know what plans are coming up the smoother things will go. Once both parents know about birthdays, graduations, family reunions, and other events that oftentimes both are required to attend, plans can be made to minimize and avoid drama. This is especially true when one parent is coming from out of state and needs to make arrangements to stay in town. The same goes for making vacation plans for the summer. If both parents know vacation dates ahead of time, they can better plan around those times. Additionally, if there would be a conflict with the dates planned, it serves to know in advance so that adjustments can be made and avoid having the child choose between both parents and plans.

Baltimore Child Custody Lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC Have the Experience to Help Parents Create Custody Agreements and Parenting Plans

Finding common ground after a divorce can seem unrealistic. However, it can be easier to reconcile than many believe. Our team of Baltimore divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher LLC have the experience and empathy to create a child custody agreement that suits the needs of every member of the family. Contact us online or call 410-602-9522 today to speak with us about your family’s needs.

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