Vacationing with Your Children

Tips for Separated Parents & Vacation Time in Maryland

If you have vacation time planned this summer and you’re ready to travel, make sure you consider these essential things.

Summer plans with your children

When taking a trip with your children, you must follow your court order. Your custody order or parenting agreement may dictate the rules on where, when, and how long a parent can vacation with the child/children.

Give the other parent notice of your plans

It is important to notify the other parent when taking vacation time with your children. You should give them information regarding:

  • When and where you plan to vacation with the children
  • Any changes that you would like to make to the normal visitation schedule to allow for your vacation time

COVID-19 precautions and vacation with your children

When traveling on vacation with your children this summer, consider any COVD-19 precautions that you may need to take:

  • The need for masks—based on state and country laws in the locations where you’ll be traveling
  • Vaccine and quarantine requirements for those locations

Any health concerns that you, your former spouse, or your children may have in regards to COVID-19 exposure and travel

If you are traveling in Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan recently announced the end of the more than 15-month statewide COVID-19 state of emergency. This should mean fewer restrictions for your vacation time if you are traveling in Maryland this summer.

A final tip for vacation time with your children after divorce

As you prepare for vacation or handle other matters with your children and former spouse, don’t hesitate to call 410-602-9522 to speak to Allyson about any family law issues you may have. A Baltimore native and leader in the community, Allyson is known for her integrity, dedication, and straightforward representation of her clients.

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