Summer is a Great Time to Get a Jump on Back-to-School Planning

As the school year ends, it is a great time to get a jump on good planning for the upcoming school year.

While you are ready to stow the backpacks for the summer, now is the time to think about what worked and what may not have worked so well during this school year.  The school year in Maryland may be coming up faster than you think. While planning ahead is always a smart idea, it is especially helpful for parents who are going through, or have recently divorced.

If you take stock of the issues you face in the next school year now, the chances are you will be better prepared when the first day of school does arrive.  These tips are especially helpful:

  • What are your overall educational goals for your child? It may seem like an obvious question but discussing educational goals with your former partner is important. Many parents find that they don’t see eye-to-eye after divorce changes the landscape for their children.  What are your educational goals for your children?  Does your child have special needs?  How do you handle educational goals as a divorced couple?
  • School changes: Many parents in the Baltimore area try not to disrupt their children during the school year. Avoiding disruption is helpful to minimize the stress of a divorce.  Yet, sometimes staying in the same school district is not possible.  If your child has been attending a private school, this option may no longer be a financial reality.  If you are looking at a change in schools, planning is important to help you and your children plan and anticipate a school change at the end of the summer. By introducing the idea at the outset of the summer, your children have a chance to work through it, talk to their friends, and visit their new school during the summer months.
  • Fees and finances: Even public school is surprisingly expensive.  With cuts in state and federal aid, more and more schools look to parents to buy school supplies, pay for their child to take part in extracurricular activities and trips, or pay to play on the sports field.  From field trips to high school graduation, the summer is a good time to find out about those costs and decide how to cover the fees, or split them amicably between parents.  If you are involved in divorce at present, be sure to speak with your divorce attorney about those costs as part of your divorce decree.

Along with parenting time and visitation, these are just few of the topics that are best handled in the months ahead of an upcoming school year.  When you have questions about divorce and wonder how best to handle difficult divorce questions, talk with an experienced divorce attorney in your area.

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