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Allyson B. Goldscher: Keeping Families Safe

Domestic violence is devastating for families. When a spouse is forced to live in fear of a partner – and when a child must bear witness to the abuse of their parent – not only is trust forever broken, but lives are often put at risk. An abused spouse can feel helpless, fearful and alone, but Maryland domestic violence lawyer, Allyson B. Goldscher, is on their side.

By limiting her practice almost exclusively to family law, Ms. Goldscher is the advocate domestic violence victims need. Nothing matters more to Ms. Goldscher than the safety of her clients and their children. If you or a loved one has been abused by a spouse and is in need of representation in a family law matter, contact our offices today, for time is of the essence.

Domestic Violence Weighs Heavily in a Child Custody Analysis

Nearly 20 people per minute are abused by a domestic partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Moreover, children who witness domestic violence will often grow up to become abusers themselves. Research also indicates that nearly half of all abusive spouses will also abuse their children. For these reasons, courts take allegations of domestic violence very seriously when making a determination of child custody.

Domestic violence is defined as an intentional act or reckless behavior which can cause injury, including assault and battery, sexual assault, kidnapping or neglect of a spouse who is unable to care for themself. Verbal abuse can also rise to the level of domestic violence, as can isolating a victim from their family and friends. Although domestic violence may arise in a variety of contexts, an abuser’s actions often stem from a need to control their spouse.

Protective Orders Must Be Requested by Victims

In Maryland, various criminal laws – including the Vulnerable Adult Laws, the Child Abuse and Kidnapping Laws and the Reckless Endangerment Law – are applicable when domestic violence has been alleged. Beyond criminal charges; however, the onus is on a victim to pursue and obtain a protective order. A qualified Baltimore domestic violence lawyer can help make the case to a judge why such relief is necessary, and fight for the most restrictive terms possible.

An interim protective order bars an accused abuser from initiating contact with a victim, including by telephone, electronically or in person, usually for one week. Typically, an interim protective order will also cover any dependent children shared by a couple, thereby preventing the accused abuser from attending school functions or even youth sporting events. Once an interim protective order is set to expire – and a judge believes that a threat remains to the safety of a victim and his or her children – a final protective order can be issued. Lasting one year initially, final protective orders can be extended on an as-needed basis.

Baltimore Domestic Violence Lawyer, Allyson B. Goldscher, Represents Domestic Violence Victims

The thought of facing off against an abusive spouse in court can feel overwhelming. Victims of domestic violence should know that Allyson B. Goldscher stands with them every step of the way. From the filing of an initial police report, to shepherding victims through the protective order process, to the completion of a finalized divorce decree, Ms. Goldscher has the know-how and experience needed to obtain a favorable outcome. At her offices in Stevenson, Maryland, Ms. Goldscher serves clients throughout Baltimore County. Call 410-602-9522 or contact her online to schedule your consultation today.

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