Baltimore Divorce Lawyers Discuss Unexpected Risk Factors for Divorce

Roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce. While most couples cite financial stress, infidelity and changing values as the major causes of their split, some recent studies have indicated several other surprising factors linked to higher divorce rates. Of course, the presence of one or more of these factors alone …

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Baltimore Child Custody Lawyer: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Lesbian Mother

The United States Supreme Court recently sided with a lesbian mother in an adoption case, temporarily blocking an Alabama court order, which declared the adoption of her three children invalid. This case brings attention to the legal challenges that gay and lesbian couples must still face even after the Supreme …

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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer: Couples Tend to Put Divorce on Hold Until After the Holidays

Many married couples hold off announcing their plans to divorce until after the holidays. In an effort to maintain some normalcy for the family, some couples will decide to get through the holidays and announce the divorce in the New Year. Historically, December consistently has the lowest amount of divorces, …

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Baltimore Child Custody Lawyers: Selecting a Parenting Time Agreement Schedule

Going through a divorce is often a painful process that is full of stresses and challenges for everyone involved. One of the most important issues that needs to be immediately addressed when maneuvering through a divorce is the development of a parenting plan. Establishing clear child visitation schedules that are …

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Baltimore Divorce Lawyers: New Maryland Divorce Law

Generally, divorcing couples in Maryland must be living separate and apart for 12 months before they can intiate divorce proceedings. The separation requirement frustrates many of our clients who want to move on with their lives. Divorcing couples without minor children may not have to meet Maryland’s stringent separation requirement …

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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer: Same-Sex Divorce Negates Woman’s Visitation Rights

State laws prevailing over same-sex divorces are deficient, which creates a significant disadvantage regarding child visitation rights for same-sex couples who had children before they were legally married. A decision by the Maryland appeals court has denied a lesbian woman visitation rights and custody of a child that was born of …

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