Baltimore Divorce Lawyers: Abuse, Addiction, and Affairs

Many psychologists and marriage counselors suggest the most severe and reasonable grounds for ending a marriage are the three “A’s,” which stand for abuse, addiction, and affairs. Though marriages often suffer from financial strain or lack of communication, these problems are more or less common for all families. Baltimore divorce lawyers caution that the three A’s signify an unhealthy and destructive relationship.


Physical and sexual abuse can have devastating consequences. The first step for an abusive partner is to identify and stop the abuse and seek counseling. Physical abuse from an abusive partner can also cause long term psychological damage. If counseling is ineffective to stop the pattern of abuse, divorce may be the only option.


Addiction comes in many forms: drug, alcohol, shopping, and gambling, to name a few. Addiction can be as damaging as domestic violence or infidelity. Unfortunately, addiction can be a hereditary illness. In any case, an addicted partner requires treatment, a change in daily behavior, and a support network. There is hope for a couple when one partner is suffering from addiction; however, if a spouse shows no real signs of rehabilitation, then divorce may be the only viable option.


Extramarital affairs can lead to two very unhappy spouses resulting in feelings of guilt, loneliness, and low self-esteem. To overcome a spouse’s infidelity, it is important for the couple to be honest. While building trust back up takes time, the couple must address why the affair occurred.

If a partner has been unfaithful, the couple should take action immediately. During the recovery process, there will be a lot of heartache and confusion for loved ones. Seeking the counsel of a skilled divorce lawyer is crucial to explore your options if dissolving the marriage is the best course of action.

Baltimore Divorce Lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC Stand up for Families

If your marriage is suffering from abuse, addiction, or infidelity, professional assistance will be an important first step. Our Baltimore divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Allyson B. Goldscher, LLC will handle your divorce with utmost sensitivity to protect your family and personal interests. We are headquartered in Stevenson, Maryland and serve clients throughout Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Call us today at 410-602-9522 or submit an online contact form.

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