As Much as Things Change…Maintaining Stability for Children after Divorce

For any family, divorce means a period of instability.  For children, returning to a more stable landscape is important after divorce.

After the divorce is final, even the best prepared parents find themselves facing personal and professional questions.  Should we stay in the same house, and neighborhood?  Shall we create a fresh start elsewhere?  Should I take that job promotion across the country?

When children are involved, these questions become more complicated.  Restoring expectations and general routine help children navigate the new path which often runs between the homes of both parents.

Creating stability after divorce helps children remain grounded and less worried about how and where they will live.  Just a few tips include:

  • Create a meaningful parenting time plan with your ex-partner and do your best to keep the schedule with a minimum of hassle
  • Maintain rules and behavioral expectations across households
  • Be creative in handling holidays, vacations, and birthdays to maintain treasured traditions while developing new traditions at the same time

But what if I want to move?

One of the first concerns of a child when they understand their parents are splitting up is where they are going to live.

If possible, it is always better to avoid protracted custody battles that pitch parents against each other in court, and force children to express preferences or take sides.

After divorce, you may be considering a move closer to family, or to take advantage of some other opportunity.  If you share any kind of custody of your children, it is important to recall that the court maintains jurisdiction of your children until they are no longer minors.

Before making arrangements to move, talk to the other parent about your thoughts on moving.  Depending on the terms of your divorce and custody arrangement, you may be restricted on the number of miles you can move from your present location.  You may have already agreed that your children will remain in their present school district unless otherwise agreed upon.

These clauses point to the importance of parents working together to create a stable environment for their children.  Try to craft a lifestyle where children can have long-term expectations of seeing both parents and enjoying the company of familiar friends and community.

If you are considering a move, even if the other parent agrees, it is important so speak with a divorce attorney in Baltimore to work through the legal requirements to gain permission to relocate with your child.  The other parent is also legally entitled to object.  As with any contested custodial issue, the Court will decide what is in the best interests of your child.

Divorce means a fresh start for all parties.  Do your best to make that new start a good memory for your child.

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