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Baltimore Divorce Lawyers: Moving on After Divorce

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After a divorce, it may be easy to feel sorry for yourself and fall into either new or old unhealthy habits. Self-care and setting intentions are important while you are in the midst of a divorce or right after the divorce is finalized. At that very sensitive time, it is important to fully understand your feelings and give yourself time to process them and heal.

Baltimore divorce lawyers offer the following lifestyle tips for those who have recently divorced.

  • Process your emotions by engaging in a therapeutic activity. Try talking with a friend or support group on a regular basis or seek professional therapy.
  • Let yourself feel all the emotions bubbling up even if they are remorse or grief. Losing a relationship and a marriage can be very much akin to grieving over the death of a loved one.
  • Rediscover former hobbies you enjoyed. It is very common after a few or many years of marriage that a person may have abandoned certain hobbies. Dive back into these old hobbies and possibly reconnect with friends or find new ones who can help you enjoy yourself.
  • Try that one new thing you have always wanted to do. While divorce can be a very sad time, some people also find it a time to discover a new-found freedom. That can include the courage to try a new hairstyle you never had, or a new activity you always wanted to do but simply did not do while married for one reason or another. Finding new ways to redefine who you are can be an exciting new challenge.
  • Date without the immediate intention to re-marry. If and when you find you are ready to date again, try dating someone with whom you may not have a lot in common. Go into the date and maybe even the relationship without the hope that the relationship will end in marriage.

Become Self-Sufficient and Confident in Yourself

  • Take on new responsibilities. If your spouse handled certain chores or tasks in the home, you may not be in the financial position to pay another person to help you do those tasks. Seek advice and try out the new role.
  • Find peace in solitude. Going out on your own can feel strange at first if you were used to being paired-up for quite some time, but spending time alone or living alone can be rewarding. This can be a wonderful time of exploration for yourself if you try new outings on your own or if you go by yourself to meet a group that you may just be getting to know.

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