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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer: Couples Tend to Put Divorce on Hold Until After the Holidays

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Many married couples hold off announcing their plans to divorce until after the holidays. In an effort to maintain some normalcy for the family, some couples will decide to get through the holidays and announce the divorce in the New Year. Historically, December consistently has the lowest amount of divorces, only to gear up again in January and reach a peak in March. In fact, March is often referred to as “Divorce Month.”

There are a number of reasons why couples decide to wait to divorce until after the New Year. Keeping the family together for one last holiday is a motivation for many couples with children. They do not want to disrupt the holidays for their kids, so they will wait until January to announce their plans to divorce.

The holidays can also be a significant source of stress, causing feelings of tension, anger and resentment to rise to the surface. As a result, couples often come to terms with the fact that the problems they may have been ignoring are beyond repair.

From a financial standpoint, it makes sense for some couples to wait until the early part of the year to proceed with a divorce. December comes with the added monthly expenses of holiday gifts for family, friends and colleagues, as well as other spending associated with the holidays. Because a divorce usually entails paying a divorce lawyer a retainer fee, many couples take care of their holiday expenses before hiring a divorce attorney.

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